Bubble Chain Reaction is online. Its a small turn based game written in Scala for Android, demonstrating Scalas Matureness for Android Development. You can play it with 2-4 Players or against the computer. Two players have to place bubbles inside a field of 3x3 (or bigger). Once there are enough bubbles in a field, it explodes and the player will own all the neighbor bubbles. This may lead to chain reactions. The player owning the whole map will win the game.

There are no needed permissions and the app contains no Ads.

Have fun with it.


Note: there is a similar game called Chain Reaction in the Play Store (this happens if you look for a nam just before you release ;-) ). The rules are similar, but my variant needs one more bubble to explode a field. The game idea howewer is somewhat older, I saw the Game running on a KC 85/4 in the 90s.