Some notes after spending the whole day how to get fxxxxing Android+SBT+Scala+IntelliJ up and running.

  • Setup the Android SDK, set all necessary paths etc. Don't forget to install the all relevant API Versions (See Android Doc)
  • Setup IntelliJ for Android Development (See Stackoverflow)
  • The documentation of fxthomas seems to be the most accurate:
  • Versin 0.7 of the SBT-Plugin just released; grab it It's necessary to compile it and to deploy to local repository
  • If you need Intellij-Support, you'll need fxthomas' idea plugin fork as the current version is broken for Android. Get it here You have to compile it and it needs the dependency to android-plugin above. If it doesn't find 0.7-SNAPSHOT, rename the dependency in sbt-idea to 0.7 (the name just changed)
  • Now you can start with your Android Project, I recommend this template
  • Add the idea plugin you compiled above to to project/plugins.sbt
    addSbtPlugin("com.github.mpeltonen" % "sbt-idea" % "1.5.0-SNAPSHOT")
  • Try out android build and running
    emulator-start [emulatorname]