Mission Statement: Computer Graphics and Visualization Group, University of Duisburg-Essen

In an era overflowing with intricate data, the Computer Graphics and Visualization Group at the University of Duisburg-Essen is steadfast in pioneering innovative algorithms, metaphors, and systems. Our paramount goal is to revolutionize the interactive analysis and visualization of extensive and intricate data sets, ensuring they are both comprehensive and scalable.

Amidst the burgeoning volume of complex data from today's simulations and experimental measurements, existing techniques falter, overwhelming scientists and proving ineffectual for evolving hardware architectures. Our research ardently confronts these challenges by emphasizing three core principles:

1. Innovation in Representation:

We are committed to the creation of groundbreaking principles, methods, and metaphors. Our endeavors facilitate the transformation of colossal and complex data into clear, human-readable formats, enhancing comprehension and interpretation.

2. Maximization of System Efficiency:

Our focus remains resolute on materializing efficient, scalable implementations. Harnessing the extensive parallelism inherent in modern and forthcoming systems, we optimize performance and elevate the efficacy of both novel and existing techniques to interactive levels.

3. Ubiquitous Access to Data:

We are expanding our systems to fully utilize computing and visualization resources across various platforms. From large high-resolution visualization systems in data centers to desktops and handheld devices, we are unwavering in ensuring that experts and end-users have seamless, effective, and efficient access to their data, anytime and anywhere.

Embrace the future with us and transcend traditional boundaries, transforming data into insight and fostering an era of informed discovery and innovation.

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