Winter Term 2017/2018

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Lecture: Grundlegende Programmiertechniken (German)

Lecture Time & Place: Wed. 12:00-14:00 c.t. LX 1205
Instructor: Prof. Dr. J. Krüger
Exercise Time & Place: tba
Exercise Supervisors: R. Rothaller & A. Krekhov
Course Language: German
Audience: Bachelor (Angewandte Informatik, Angewandte Kognitions- und Medienwissenschaften, International Studies in Engineering)

Zusammenfassung: Anhand der Programmiersprache Java werden grundlegende Programmiertechniken in einer objektorientierten, modernen Sprache besprochen. Inhalte im Einzelnen: - Einführung und grundlegende Struktur von Programmen - Lexikalische Elemente, Datentypen und Variablen, Ausdrüke und Anweisungen - Objektorientierte Programmierung: Klassen, Methoden, Vererbung, Interfaces, Abstrakte Klassen - Standard und Utilityklassen - Generische Datentypen & Anwendung von Standardtypen - Ausnahmebehandlung - Ein- und Ausgabe mittels Streams.

Studentische Videoprojekte zur Vorlesung (ohne Gewähr auf Korrektheit):
public class GPT

Lecture: Computer Graphics

Lecture Time & Place: Mon. 10:00-13:00 c.t. LE 105
Instructor: Prof. Dr. J. Krüger
Exercise Time & Place: Mon. 13:00-14:00 c.t. LE 105
Exercise Supervisors: A. Schiewe & A. Waschk
Course Language: English
Audience: Master (Angewandte Informatik, Angewandte Kognitions- und Medienwissenschaften, International Studies in Engineering)

Abstract: This lecture is the introductory course to Computer Graphics. The course teaches the algorithms used to program a computer to generate images of a geometric models with associated appearance properties. Starting with introductory lectures on the basics of surfaces and light propagation the course will focus on the two well known rendering methods, CPU and GPU-based ray-tracing and GPU-accelerated raster graphics. Topics include:

  • Basics
    • Geometric Models: Meshes, Implicit Surfaces, Splines
    • Color & Perception
    • Light Transport
  • 3D Image Generation Methods
    • OpenGL, DirectX, CUDA
    • Ray Tracing I: basics
    • Ray Tracing II: acceleration techniques
      • Fast Intersection Tests
      • Space Partitioning & Bounding Volume Hierarchies
      • GPU-acceleration
    • Rasterization & GPU-based rendering
      • Linear and Affine Transformations
      • Rasterization and Shading
      • Clipping
      • Visibility & Shadows
      • Curves & surfaces
      • Sampling Theory

Seminar: How to Deliver an Engaging Speech - Eine Einführung in elementare Vorbereitungs- und Vortragstechniken

Kick-off & Meeting Registration: October 12
Time & Place: Thu. 12:00-14:00 s.t. LF 125
Instructors: Prof. Dr. J. Krüger & team
Course Langugage: English or German
Audience: Bachelor & Master

Abstract: In addition to the scientific content in this seminar we will put special emphasis on the presentation. To improve the presentation skills of the participants we will start the seminar with simpe topics, record short talks from each participant, and analyze the presentation. Students then give a seminar talk on their chosen topic.

Lab Course: Dear Data

Kick-off & Meeting Registration: October 13, 11:00 s.t., LE 334
Time & Place: Fri. 11:00 s.t. LE 334
Instructors: Prof. Dr. J. Krüger & team
Course Langugage: German
Audience: Bachelor

Abstract: In this lab course the participants will learn to gather data and design scientific visualisations using this data. We will use an approach similar to the award winning Dear Data project by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec. Given a specific topic each week, participants will have to track their data and custom design a visual representation of their data and present this representation in front of the group at the end of the week. If you are interesting in this lab course, please come to the registration and kick-off-meeting.

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